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At a glance: The Commission’s Role

  • Reviews provincial electoral districts
  • Proposes changes to the Legislative Assembly on the area, boundaries and names of the electoral districts in B.C.
  • Ensures effective representation of constituents by MLAs.
  • Gathers public input when developing its recommendations to the Legislative Assembly

The BC Electoral Boundaries Commission is an independent and non-partisan commission appointed to review provincial electoral district boundaries. The Commission makes proposals to the Legislative Assembly on the area, boundaries, and names of electoral districts to be used in the next two provincial general elections. This ensures that each part of BC has effective representation.

The Legislative Assembly reviews the Commission’s proposals and votes to approve them, reject them, or approve them with alterations. If the Commission’s proposals are approved or approved with alterations, the government must introduce them as a Bill.

Under the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act, a BC Electoral Boundaries Commission must be appointed within one year of General Voting Day after every second provincial general election.

General Voting Day for the 2020 Provincial General Election was October 24, 2020. The three members of the current Commission (the “commissioners”) were appointed on October 21, 2021. You can read their bios here.

The Commission is proposing 93 electoral districts. (There are currently 87 electoral districts in the province).